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A Companion For The Trip From South Gippsland To Perth?

Sandy Nicol has emailed us on behalf of a friend with no internet connection. She says:

“I am writing on behalf of a grey nomad friend Jan who is travelling to Perth in her own caravan in mid May and is looking for a travelling companion for the long trip.

Jan is 60 plus and lives in Leongatha, South Gippsland, so anyone from Melbourne would do. She would prefer a female, or even another couple travelling to follow.”

Contact Jan

You can contact Jan through Sandy via email: sandymolly17@gmail.com

Good luck and happy travels Jan

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Dave Seeks A Companion To Escape Victorian Winters

Dave has emailed PWF saying he’s seeking a female companion (45 to 65?) to share the cold Victorian months in the north of Australia. He says:

“I am a Grey Nomad – a 60 year old father of four daughters, single, retired with Paramount Duet caravan (shower and toilet).

Destinations are negotiable, but outback Australia has a huge appeal. Maybe Louth races and/or Birdsville Cup, Darwin, just warmer weather (20 deg+).

My preferred dates are early July to late August/September – or some part thereof – totally negotiable.

Caravan is set up for free stays, off road and outback travel.

All vehicle costs covered but a fellow traveller would need to contribute with expenses for food and caravan parks (when used).

I play golf, fish

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School Students Tutoring – A Successful Template For Others?

Did you see the Wednesday night Lateline story about Friday Night School in Richmond, inner Melbourne? Private school kids help refugee kids with homework…it’s been twenty years now AND 200 kids turn up to help!

Pleasure In Helping

Everyone, students and their mentors, are so happy in the process AND there is success. The learners learn and do well…and the tutors learn ‘other stuff’!

How Wonderful In A ‘Me-Centred Age’!

Good on the ABC for showing us such a wonderful, community ‘feel-good’ story.

It IS a good feeling to know you are helping another human being. How good for kids to feel this, a great foundation for future community input.

A Template For OTHER Communities?

This Friday night class has been running for twenty years …

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Business Guy Seeking Companion To Travel Oz

It’s grey nomad travel season and planning is underway. John has written to PWF saying:

“I am a recently retired 69 year old business guy and am currently looking around to buy a Caravan or Mobile home to travel around Australia. My working life was involved in the property industry as a developer.

I wish to do it at a reasonable level of security and comfort so camping is not a consideration. My departure date is flexible but sometime between October 2016 and March next year would be an indication.

I am easy going, young thinking and acting and don’t sweat the small stuff. I enjoy both intelligent and flippant conversation and have an interest in sport, politics and

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Work South Of Darwin: Hayes Creek Wayside Inn

Steve Dearing is the owner-operator of the Hayes Creek Wayside Inn – a service station / caravan park / Inn – 150 km south of Darwin. He is looking for some casual staff and writes:

“We are currently looking to employ a morning cook for breakfasts and someone to work behind counter serving customers. We pay award wages but this is negotiable.

We could also do with a yard person in a month to help with upkeep in the caravan park. This position would be more of a stay for free, and depending on amount of work done, supply meals (negotiable).”

Contact Details

You can ring Steve on:
08 8978 2430
0407 373997
or email him:

Grey nomad work?

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