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FASES – Can You Help Give Social Enterprise Voice?

Can you help provide insight into Australian social enterprise? FASES (Finding Australia’s Social Enterprise Sector) is investigating the changing scope and needs of our social enterprises. Social Traders and the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) at Swinburne Uni are conducting the research which is the second census of social enterprise in Australia Рthe first was in 2009/10.

About The Study

Info gained will inform policy and planning amongst government, philanthropy, not-for-profits and social enterprises. Researchers need help from some of the thousands of social enterprises across the country before 1 August 2015.

The research has 2 components:
1. The qualitative part of the research, undertaken via 13 focus groups across Australia, has been completed. (See findings in an …

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Aussie Soccer Initiative For Kenyan Refugee Camp

How wonderful to see a positive Australian initiative towards refugees, with the establishment of the Barefoot to Boots Foundation!

Barefoot To Boots

Here is an Australian project to give football (soccer!) boots, shirts and balls to refugees in the Kakuma Camp in NW Kenyan to ‘provide joy and improve health and safety’.

Australian and Adelaide United star Awer Mabil and his older brother Awer Bul, fellow United player Osama Malik, former diplomat Rachael West and businessman Ian Smith have formed Barefoot to Boots with the backing of Qantas, FFA, UNHCR, UNICEF Australia and the Australian Government.
Minister Bishop said:
“The Australian Government is happy to support initiatives, such as Barefoot to Boots, which build friendships and promote development through sport.

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Teaching In The 21st Century FOR For The 21st Century

I’ve been reading about new ’21st century’ practices in some schools – such as Brisbane’s The Gap HS and Melbourne’s Eltham HS – I hope my grandies aren’t stuck in 20th century learning!

The Gap High School Is Working With QUT To Inspire Students

The Australian 1/06/15 reports that many students see STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) as too hard BUT the Step Up programme, designed by a chemical engineer, a biofuels expert, an astrophysicist and an ultrasound specialist, all from QUT, is bringing the excitement of science to QUT trainee teachers as well as to visiting students.

It’s acknowledged that it’s important to excite students between Years 7 and 10, to show them science is fun AND …

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Working To Educate The World’s Children

A World At School is a global campaign aiming to make education the number one priority, working to get all children into school. An international campaign with a diverse team from several countries, they have offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

“Education is the key to opportunity and the right of every child.

There are 58 million girls and boys around the world who do not go to school. With time running out until the end of 2015, progress has stalled on the task outlined in the United Nations Millennium Development Goal (MDG2) to get all children into school and learning. We must ensure every child’s basic right to go to school is realised.

With the number of

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Could Newly Launched Financial Advice Register Cause Harm?

Respected business journalist Adele Ferguson reports that Treasury has watered down the proposed national public register of financial advisers, launched today by ASIC. After the crisis of confidence following poor advice scandals involving financial institutions such as the CBA and NAB, the registry was meant to help consumers track and select an adviser with confidence.

Higher Standard of Education & Training Required

Adele reports that a year ago industry operatives, in response to an ASIC review of training standards for financial advisers, agreed that it supported a higher standard of education and training for financial services professionals as a potential driver to improve the quality of advice provided to consumers, BUT, the industry still doesn’t agree.

Misleading Says Jeff Morris –

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