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An Update On Camel Milk Availability In Western Australia

Since July this year when PWF posted, once again, the possibility of a camel milk industry in WA, I have received several phone calls about people on the east coast wanting (quite desperately) to access camel milk, for all the curative properties it possesses.

Sunday Night TV Coverage

Check out the November 9 Sunday Night for the answers to a lot of questions.

A Government Ban On Camel Milk Is Pathetic, Says Expert:

Camel milk expert Dr Millie Hinkle says she has seen ‘mind-blowing’ results from camel milk in children with Autism and chronic diseases.

“We see children when we start them on the milk immediately, some within a few hours start to speak who did not speak before, the seizures stop,

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Social Enterprise: ‘In The Click’ eBay With A Difference

It’s great when you can ‘do some good’ simply, and this is the premise behind Julie Mackay’s Enable Social Enterprises and ‘In The Click’. If you buy online through In The Click on eBay all profits are used to tackle the disadvantage in Melbourne’s north, rated as one of the most disadvantaged areas in Australia.


Social exclusion and inequality exist all around us. As a result hardship often exists due to barriers to training and then finding employment. Julie Mackay says:

“Many jobseekers from disadvantaged backgrounds can be pushed a side or dropped down the list again and again by employers, often due to stigma and perceptions regarding an individual’s background, lack of work experience, training, willingness and

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Political Donations COULD/SHOULD Be Reported Immediately

Monash Uni’s Dr Colleen Lewis says:

“There is absolutely no reason why information about who donated to what party or candidate and how much they donated could not be posted on a public website in real time or within 24 to 48 hours after money changes hands. All Victorians look forward to knowing why we do not have such a policy and exactly when one will be introduced.”

Colleen Lewis is adjunct professor with Monash’s National Centre for Australian Studies.

NSW And Victoria Have Different Disclosure Regulations

With the Victorian State Election less than a week away, Colleen observed some weeks ago that Victoria does not have strong political donations laws, as they do in NSW, nor does it have …

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Good Spender: Buy Social & Make A Difference This Christmas

Thinking of the looming commercialism of Christmas PWF is delighted to remind you of the Good Spender website so your Christmas spend can have a social impact – for both individuals and for communities.

About Social Enterprise And Good Spender

Good Spender is an online marketplace where consumers can buy directly from excellent social enterprises, businesses that sell goods and services to benefit the community.

Every dollar you spend with a social enterprise goes directly to support the social purpose of that organisation.

  • Creating employment for those with disabilities, the long term unemployed or indigenous Australians
  • Protecting the environment and supporting nutrition and sanitation programs in developing countries

Some Ideas For A Very Worthwhile Christmas List

  • Oz Fair Trade – beautiful home wares and jewelry handmade

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Female Travel Companion For Rhine Cruise 2015?

Barbara has contacted PWF seeking a female travel companion for an 8 day cruise down the Rhine River in September 2015. Barb is 56 years young and will be coming from Sydney, Australia.

The Cost

The cost will be A$3,995-A$4,495 (all-inclusive save flight) depending on room standard wanted.

The Tour Company

The tour company is Amsterdam-Basel based Viking River Cruises. The cruise is one-way.


You can contact Barbara by email: iam.omshanti@gmail.com


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