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Cutting NCRIS = Budgetary Reform?

We all keep hearing that Australia needs structural reform to our budget ie looking at where really large amounts of money are going.


  • Pensions going to people who don’t ‘need’ them
  • Superannuation benefits to people who can afford to contribute something (like me!)
  • Subsidising fossil fuel companies’ exploration efforts

BUT, today there is talk about cutting $150 funding to the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), ending ground-breaking Australian research unless the higher ed bill passes the senate.

What Our Scientists Are Saying

  • Australia’s productivity and 1,700 jobs are at risk
  • Astronomer and Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt says the cut would be a hit unlike any he’s seen in his 20 years in Australia..it will have an enormous effect and it’s

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Celebrate Excellence: Enter The Social Enterprise Awards 2015

The 2015 Australian Social Enterprise Awards presented by Social Traders are now open. With almost 20,000 social enterprises operating across every aspect of the Australian economy, social enterprises are changing the face of our communities.

About The Awards

Now in their third year, the Awards showcase outstanding achievements by social enterprises as well as those organisations investing in or supporting social enterprise.

Seven awards will be presented this year, including a new award to recognise an individual who has made a significant contribution to social enterprise.

Previous Award Winners

Some of the previous winners are:

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Research Drives 40-55% Nation’s Wealth BUT Young Scientists Are Leaving

Thinking Australians are very concerned about short term thinking and the future we are creating for our grandkids. The ABC’s Science Show presenter, Robin Williams, commented passionately this morning when discussing a contest to identify our top five young scientists under 40.

Gloom, Few Jobs & Little Funding, Despite Wealth Coming From University-Based Innovation

Recently returned from a trip to the US, Robin Williams says:

  • The standard of our young scientists is ‘immaculate’ according to the highly regarded Nature magazine. This esteem he found was also reflected in comments from Americans currently working with Australian scientists.
  • HOWEVER, scientists working in research here spend about one third of their time writing grants of which one in ten to one in

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Jobs, LOCAL Workers & A 10 Year Commitment To Indigenous Employment

In February 2015 there is ongoing discussion and concern over what seems to be rorting of 457 and 417 visas, the cost and problems associated with Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) workforces and the actual number of jobs available across Australia. It is therefore gratifying to see:

What Jim Lewis says

With just 25% of Aborigines in the Kimberley in paid …

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Our Pollies And We, The Voters, Need To Start Communicating

With the government/voter turbulence we are experiencing, and several thoughtful, often insightful analyses, maybe we are finally starting to have the conversation we need to have about Australia’s future and the unpalatable reform that must come from ONE of our major parties?

Some Noteworthy Comments

1. Waleed Aly, writing in The Age comments that the Coalition’s budget/austerity drive targets the poor, the sick, and youth, something we voters found repugnant and a charge the Coalition has never clearly answered. They do not reveal their financial backers either, do they? Waleed says:

“The Coalition needs a heart transplant, not a facelift…
Cosmetic changes are pointless. The Liberals need a leader who articulates the big picture and makes sense of the pain we are

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