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The Australian Camel Milk Industry To Meet Global Demand?

Back in June 2006, given the large numbers of wild camels in Australia and the purported health benefits of camel milk, PWF asked: “Any Entrepreneurs Interested In Camel Milk?” The idea of rounding up and milking camels was daunting, but today there are camel dairies in WA, Victoria, Queensland, SA and NSW.

Production Increasing To Meet Local & Global Demand

The GoodFood online newsletter recently reported on two Australian camel milk producers increasing production to meet overseas demand.

WA’s Good Earth Dairy CEO, Marcel Steingiesser, gave up a 14-year career as a chemical engineer with BHP-Billiton, to stake his future on Australian camel milk.

Although demand is growing globally there are not enough camels available globally to supply that quantity

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Cultural Authenticity, Beechworth Post Office, Disabled Access…

The historic post office in popular Victorian goldfields tourism destination, Beechworth, is once again facing controversy. Although it had a reprieve in 2006 due to community dissent, it is now scheduled to move from its (nearly) 150 year old location.

The 2017-18 Proposal

Unlike the 2006 discussion where Beechworth stood to actually lose its post office and seven jobs, in 2018, to make the historic building wheel-chair friendly, a modern lift, external to the historic facade, was proposed. Shire councillors, dumbfounded as to why the most photographed site in Beechworth should be ‘altered’ in such a way, rejected the proposal in September 2017.

Authenticity In Cultural Tourism Is Important And Keenly Sought

Beechworth ‘does’ tourism very well. Check out Trip Advisor

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Young American Looking To Live & Work In Australia

Jared, a 23 year old American, has contacted PWF about looking for work and eventual citizenship in Australia.

Experience In Agriculture And Building
Jared has extensive experience in agriculture and small scale farming, also some experience in building and animal husbandry. He has built his own adobe house all out of recycled materials and he is very interested in sustainable farming and living.

Looking particularly for a place to work and live, Jared would eventually like to build his own home and garden space.

Jared is high school educated and self taught beyond that.

You can contact Jared by email jsheldon13@live.com.

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Large Scale Battery Storage Not Understood By Australian Authorities

Battery storage held back by ignorance of regulators, ministers

The Claims

“Australian energy ministers and regulators are simply unaware that the technology has been deployed at scale around the world, and simply don’t appreciate what the technology can do to support the energy transition…

Regulators have been slow to change rules that favour fossil fuel generators and disadvantage their technology. Lyon Solar, which hopes to have 350MWh of battery storage in the South Australia market by the end of next financial year, told the inquiry that Australian authorities simply did not understand the potential of battery storage.

Australia is still quite naive about batteries…

Despite its adoption of rooftop solar in great quantities, and the high levels of renewable energy in South Australia, has been slow out of the blocks

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Interested In Cruising Or Flying Off Somewhere?

Judith, like so many other would-be grey nomads, has been trying to figure out how to make contact with like-minded people who are looking for a travel companion for either cruising or flying to destinations/tours. Judith says:

“I have lots of time available as I am semi-retired, I live in the country and Melbourne is my closest capital city.

I am looking for a female to share expenses, most of my friends are around 55yo. I am a bit older, I am very active and have numerous interests and hobbies.

If anyone is even half interested, I would love to chat and who knows?????”

Contact Judith

You can contact Judith via email jzattoc@dodo.com.au

Bon voyage!

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