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Son Seeks Travel Buddy For His Mum

Stephen Slavin has contacted us hoping a PWF reader may also be also seeking companionship. Stev writes:

“My mother lives independently south of Adelaide and wants to find a travel companion to take a cruise from Fremantle up into SE Asia and return. She is a young 84 yo, mobile, and adventurous in character. Wonder if you have anyone similarly interested?”

Contact Details

You can email Stephen Slavin at stevs@bigpond.com or ring him on 0409207101.

Happy travelling!

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‘Street By Street’ – The Art Of Neighbourliness Revived?

Street by Street is a national project initiated by the Centre for Civil Society. Its goal is to revive the practice of community, and the art of neighbourliness, re-kindling connections between neighbours that might once have formed spontaneously but which in our day and age require a little facilitation.

The Model

The Street by Street model is local neighbourhood networks in small population precincts of between 200 and 400 households.

Each network is supported by a coordinator and a network partner organisation in developing its activity.

Click here for a detailed description.

Street by Street Design Lab

Input is being sought at a Design Lab.

Tuesday 29th April
10am to 12.30pm
Angliss Conference Centre, Melbourne CBD

There is no cost for residents and community organisations to participate in …

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Levelling The Playing Field For Co-ops – ‘Sector In Shadows’

The Business Council for Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) recently announced that the Co-operatives National Law (CNL) has been launched in NSW and in Victoria – a watershed day for ‘Australia’s most under-recognised sector’.

“Eight in ten Australians are members of a co-operative or mutually owned business including household brands like NRMA Motoring and Services, HCF, Australian Unity and Australia’s largest member-owned retailer, The Co-op. The level of awareness of co-ops and mutuals and their importance to the economy is much lower.” Melina Morrison, CEO of the BCCM.

The Problems Being Addressed

To date co-ops and mutuals have had to deal with a fragmented regulatory system.

“The new Co-operatives National Law which commenced in NSW and Victoria on

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How Re-Introducing Wolves Changed An Entire Ecosystem

This video about the 1995 re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming in the US, after nearly 70 years, is the most amazing story.

What Happened?

Prolific deer grazing had affected the vegetation of the valleys and the riverflats in the park, but with the deer staying safe from the wolves, the natural vegetation regrew, which in turn brought back the birds, and, the behaviour of the river actually changed as the regeneration of the forest stabilised the banks.

Click here for a fascinating 4.34 minutes.

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Electricity: Utilities, Peak Demand And ‘Pro-Sumers’

During this summer’s southern heatwaves rooftop solar produced by consumers reduced overall demand by nearly 5 per cent. In the future with rooftop solar doubling/trebling (?) plus battery storage added into the mix, what would happen?

Do We Need A Super-Sized Grid?

The need to cater for ‘super peak’ demand periods – with a super-sized grid – has helped subsidise the earnings of utility companies in recent years, but now consumers or ‘pro-sumers’ are challenging this.

RenewEconomy reports that

“Victorian electricity and gas network operator SP Ausnet has commissioned a 1MW/1MWh battery storage facility that could herald a new approach to dealing with peak demand, and avoid future costly network upgrades.”

Engineering group ABB and the Korea’s Samsung will build

“a hybrid

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