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Emails Questioning Politicians’ Age Of Entitlement..

There are some interesting emails about politicians and the end of the ‘Age of Entitlement’ zooming around at the moment – can’t ascertain their origin, but they are food for thought and/or a good public conversation.

Email No 1

The first I received said:

“When Joe Hockey famously made the statement “the age of entitlement is over” he conveniently left out politicians..

This is a proposal from the Australian people to our politicians to send them a clear message – ‘the age of entitlement of politicians’ is also over. They are servants of the public and they need to be reminded that they are entitled to no more than the rest of us mere mortals when they leave office.

It is a

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Footy Club’s Award Winning Huddle For Students

The Huddle is the North Melbourne Football Club engaging and giving back to its community. Since 2010 in the wider North Melbourne community there has been an amazing combination of love of sport and direction/support in study, for students from many war-torn parts of the world now calling Australia home. The North Melbourne Football Club’s Huddle project won:

  • The Victorian Premier’s Award for Community Harmony in 2012
  • The Sporting Leadership Award (National Migration and Settlement Awards) in 2013

About The Huddle

The Huddle is a joint initiative of the North Melbourne Football Club, The Scanlon Foundation and the Australian Multicultural Foundation.

Established in 2010, The Huddle, at 204 Arden St, North Melbourne
is a unique learning centre for the community which

“promotes social cohesion through

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The ‘Air Car’ – Imagine Fuelling Up With Compressed Air?

I was amazed when I first heard about a ‘compressed air car‘, designed by an ex-Formula one engineer/environmentalist, and being developed by his company MDI in France, as well as by the large Indian carmaker, Tata Motors. NO petrol, and costing around $8,000? I have trawled the internet and there have clearly been some design/production issues over several years, BUT I see that a pilot Air Pod production line is currently being installed at MDI, France, and that a plant in Sardinia will be in production by late 2014.

First Air Pod Production At Bolotana In Sardinia, Italy

The first compressed air car will be produced commercially by Airmobility, a company of entrepreneurial Sardinian Italians backing the …

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Help Solar Citizens Skywrite A Message To Canberra?

The Solar Citizens organisation is planning a huge message in the sky over Parliament House, Canberra, on Wednesday (August 27). As I write they are about $1000.00 short of their $14,000 target. They say:

“Tony Abbott and the government are positioning to scrap the Renewable Energy Target which has helped millions of Australians go solar and take control of their power bills. This skywriting message – SAVE SOLAR – will make sure that Mr Abbott and the government, as well as crucial cross bench senators who will decide the fate of the Target understand that Australians overwhelmingly support keeping the Target, and solar, strong.

Will you…help make sure Tony Abbott and the government see our message to protect the Renewable Energy

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CORENA: Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia

Australians are a ‘can do’ people, especially it seems when it comes to doing something about energy. CORENA – Citizens’ Own Renewable Energy Network Australia – is but one example.

What Beechworth Montessori School In Victoria’s North-east Is Doing

After recycling part of a former Aged Care facility, left vacant and unused for almost a decade, Beechworth Montessori is going for a crowd-funded solar panel installation project, helped by CORENA.

Shortly the school will receive an interest-free loan to go towards the purchase and installation of a new solar system (around 10-15KW in size and to be mounted on the building’d roof).

From the savings to the electricity bill, the school will repay the loan, which in turn will be ‘recycled’ …

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