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Policies That Face Reality? A Coherent Vision For Our Future?

“At the core of a robust democracy is the integrity and transparency of its institutions.

Elections do not a democracy make, but they are a fundamental institution that we disrespect at our peril. It is incumbent upon us to demand policies which face up to reality, and to demand a coherent vision for our future.” Catherine Livingstone – president of the Business Council of Australia.

Catherine Livingstone’s words here, coming at the end of an election campaign where rapid-fire, partisan rhetoric has often sounded like gobblydegook rather than a sincere attempt to communicate with voters about our future, express for me how we are ALL failing to address contemporary problems and our kids’ and grandkids’ future.

Tellingly Catherine also says:

“We need

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Participatory Democracy, Transition Towns And ‘The Major Parties’

Around 10 years ago, people who care about their grandkids’ Australia, started collaborating locally so towns would become sustainable and resilient – re-localising and transition towns were the terms used. Many Australian towns have joined the transition network and Yackandandah, in NE Victoria, has set up Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY) a 2016 version of a transition town it seems.

Top Down Or Bottom Up? Participatory or Partisan?

PWF has been interested in the transition movement since hearing about:

1. Jill Jordan and the Sunshine Coast’s Sustainable Maleny Project in 2008. (Remember their fight against the Woolies Supermarket?) Entrepreneurial Jill and her friends set up a credit union co-op in the 80s and set the scene

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Have Campervan Need Travel Companion For Short Trips…

Wayne has emailed us saying he is looking for a travel companion, preferably female.

“Just finished building my campervan, looking at doing short trips away for one month here and there around Australia.

I am happily married but unfortunately my wife does not have the time to travel with me. The arrangement would be friends traveling seeing Australia.. sharing fuel and food costs.

You have to have a great lol and good conversation on those long drives, so if this is you ‘Jump Aboard’, shoot me an email and let’s chat?”

Contact Wayne

You can email Wayne at wazzadj@hotmail.com

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Grassroots Community Leadership…Australia’s Future?

Totally Renewable Yackandandah – TRY – is a NE Victorian grassroots community organisation aiming to to produce more electricity than it uses, by 2022. The group is proud to be ‘doing something visionary’. Economist Dr John Hewson who these days has a commitment to

‘investigating and embracing dramatic cuts in energy use and a rapid transition to renewable energy’

spoke at the TRY fundraiser in April this year.

Yackandandah Community Faces Up To Its Future

For a small town, Yackandandah is showing huge community resolve in making decisions regarding its future needs at a time when Australia is enduring full-on politicking with little vision or leadership in the face of many critical issues.

Successful Community-Buy Out Of Service Station, 2001

Back in 2001 when …

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Empty Houses, Affordability. Addressing A Complex Problem

QUESTION: On the complex topics of housing affordability, homelessness and housing supply why doesn’t Government spend more time investigating the fact of so many empty houses? In February this year a local Melbourne newspaper reported more than 3000 vacant homes in the Maroondah area that could house everyone on the public waiting list. NGO Prosper Australia claims through its research over 8 years that:

“Investors are holding onto them for capital gains and future developments…
Vacant properties impose a needless economic burden. Residents and businesses are forced to leapfrog vacancies to lesser sites at great cost.”

Affordability Radio Forum In Melbourne

Jon Faine’s ABC Radio 774 Affordability Forum was recently addressed by representatives from the Property Council, Melbourne Uni’s …

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