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OUR Role In Supporting Free Speech, Tackling Muslim Extremism?

A few days ago Amanda Vanstone wrote a piece in The Age which I’m sure most thinking Australians would agree with:

“Whilst marching around holding “je suis Charlie” cards does express solidarity with lovers of free speech, it does nothing to change the minds of those who believe that our speech should be curtailed and nothing to make similar deranged fanatics think twice in the future. In other words it simply says “we are with you as victims after the event, but don’t expect us to stop any further people becoming victims”. It just doesn’t make sense.

There are a few other inconsistencies that are not easily explained. What happened in Paris was terrible, horrific. What Boko Haram has done

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The Descendants Of Noah – Animal Grief Counselling

Recently I received a letter from Gabrielle Davey, introducing herself as a qualified Health Counsellor and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and, most importantly, as a lover of animals – our fur children, as she calls them. After a double loss earlier this year Gabrielle now counsels others who may find it difficult to get compassion, understanding and support when they lose a ‘fur family member’.

The Descendants Of Noah – Gabrielle’s Story

Gabrielle writes saying:

“Today, many people integrate animals into their life and bond with them to the extent that they become part of the family. The associated relationship that is formed often bears similar characteristics to someone with a human child…

As an adult, I have spent more than 22 years raising my own

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Exceeding Our Budget And Subsidising Fossil Fuel Exploration

We know we are spending more than we are earning, that we have a problem that is not going away. New areas for cuts are being investigated but not our fossil fuel subsidies. There is little discussion about this…why??

Fossil Fuel Exploration Costs Australia $A4 Billion Per Annum

A report called ‘The fossil fuel bailout: G20 subsidies for oil, gas and coal exploration’ was prepared for the G20 meeting in Brisbane by the London-based Overseas Development Institute and the Oil Change Institute. It slams this type of investment as a ‘double folly’ as, it maintains, new fossil fuel exploration is both uneconomic and unsustainable.

“Despite the widespread perception that renewables are costly, our research reveals that finding new fossil

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Our Democracy: Party Politics, Mediocrity And Us…

As a Victorian, after a lacklustre election campaign, and my own disullusionment with constant party political rhetoric in the media at the expense of rational public debates, I read with interest Cassandra Wilkinson’s article ‘Government Needs To Be Simplified To Overcome Crisis Of Medioccrity’.

Cassandra makes the following comments about our political ‘ennui':

A Simple Way Out Of Mediocrity

In Australia there is a political crisis without rioting in the streets – voters are becoming aware of the growing size of our missed opportunities.

Too many fellow Australians are missing out. Most of us want to do better at sharing our success, so wealth means something more than money…it means ‘decency and opportunity and flourishing’.

Making everything simpler would help. We should …

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Australia’s First Community-Owned Energy Retailer?

Lateline 26 November interviewed Alison Crook AO, spokesperson for a new NSW consortium, Northern Rivers Energy (NRE), which has won a $54,000 grant for a business plan and feasibility study for Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer. They have plans to build, generate and sell renewable energy in the region around Byron Bay and Lismore.

The Grant And The Consortium

The $54,000 is being made available by the Total Environment Centre, an NGO, and NSW Government’s Office of Environment and Heritage.

Alison, a one-time QANTAS businesswoman of the year, says the Non-Profit consortium aims to be competitive in pricing, to deliver jobs and environmental benefits and it may include ‘looking at the network’.

Major Retailers Not Delivering What The Community Wants

Giles …

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