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Permaculture Property For 2-3 Families To Share? An Intentional Community?

Maureen Corbett from Hepburn Springs, central Victoria, wants to contact people likely to be interested in her 2.25 acre permaculture property ‘Birrith Birrith’, possibly a group looking for land to set up an intentional community. She really doesn’t want the property turned into lots of little boxes with no food gardens, but at 65 she is finding it all too much for one person to manage.

Ideal for Two Or Three Families To Share

The block is really ready for two or three families (or more) to move in and ‘get on with it’. You can check it out on the Holmgren website or on Maureen’s Facebook page.

Maureen has tried to find people to move in with her …

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Calling Grey Nomads Around Goondiwindi – Work & Accommodation Available

Heather is looking for some help with repairs to her ‘very rundown’ farmhouse near Nindi Gully which is west of Goondiwindi in Queensland and thought our Grey Nomads page might be able to round up some help…??

What’s to be done?

Heather says:

“There’s lots to do, but I will only do it in chunks of 1-3 weeks, so I thought it would suit a travelling tradesperson.

The first job is installing aluminium windows and cladding some external walls to keep the dust storms out.”

In Exchange

In exchange Heather offers power, food and accommodation in the house – although she says people will probably find their caravan/RV more comfortable!

Some form of cash payment can also be negotiated.

It would be nice to get …

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Looking To Travel Oz? Need A Travel Partner?

Keith from North Queensland has emailed us saying he is looking for a travel companion.

About Keith

Keith is a 67 year old widower. He has a Toyota land cruiser and he is looking to buy a van and ‘travel Oz’.

He has references and papers and he also has a Chihuahua!

Contact Keith

You can contact Keith by email florey1947@gmail.com

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Tourism Work In Exchange For Accommodation In Far North

Michael, from the Border Store – a short distance from Cahills Crossing on the border to Arnhemland – is looking for a couple to help out through to November, during the remainder of this dry season, in exchange for free accommodation and some meals.

Job Description

Restaurant – Cafe – Tour – Sales
The Border Store is a family run business that operates seasonally between May and November (the dry season) located a short distance from Cahills Crossing on the border to Arnhemland around 40 km drive from Jabiru. Open every day at 8:30 am through to 8 pm serving lunch and dinner, mostly Thai food along with coffee, cakes, toasted sandwiches and such.

Most trade comes from the tourists that visit the

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The Booing, The Discomfort…Why? What To Do?

I have to agree with James Packer, the booing of Adam Goodes has made me feel uncomfortable and ashamed too. Where are we with this? Waleed Aly’s clear analysis of the booing made sense to me, as did

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