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Have Campervan Need Travel Companion For Short Trips…

Wayne has emailed us saying he is looking for a travel companion, preferably female.

“Just finished building my campervan, looking at doing short trips away for one month here and there around Australia.

I am happily married but unfortunately my wife does not have the time to travel with me. The arrangement would be friends traveling seeing Australia.. sharing fuel and food costs.

You have to have a great lol and good conversation on those long drives, so if this is you ‘Jump Aboard’, shoot me an email and let’s chat?”

Contact Wayne

You can email Wayne at wazzadj@hotmail.com

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Grassroots Community Leadership…Australia’s Future?

Totally Renewable Yackandandah – TRY – is a NE Victorian grassroots community organisation aiming to to produce more electricity than it uses, by 2022. The group is proud to be ‘doing something visionary’. Economist Dr John Hewson who these days has a commitment to

‘investigating and embracing dramatic cuts in energy use and a rapid transition to renewable energy’

spoke at the TRY fundraiser in April this year.

Yackandandah Community Faces Up To Its Future

For a small town, Yackandandah is showing huge community resolve in making decisions regarding its future needs at a time when Australia is enduring full-on politicking with little vision or leadership in the face of many critical issues.

Successful Community-Buy Out Of Service Station, 2001

Back in 2001 when …

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Empty Houses, Affordability. Addressing A Complex Problem

QUESTION: On the complex topics of housing affordability, homelessness and housing supply why doesn’t Government spend more time investigating the fact of so many empty houses? In February this year a local Melbourne newspaper reported more than 3000 vacant homes in the Maroondah area that could house everyone on the public waiting list. NGO Prosper Australia claims through its research over 8 years that:

“Investors are holding onto them for capital gains and future developments…
Vacant properties impose a needless economic burden. Residents and businesses are forced to leapfrog vacancies to lesser sites at great cost.”

Affordability Radio Forum In Melbourne

Jon Faine’s ABC Radio 774 Affordability Forum was recently addressed by representatives from the Property Council, Melbourne Uni’s …

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Permaculture Property For 2-3 Families To Share? An Intentional Community?

Maureen Corbett from Hepburn Springs, central Victoria, wants to contact people likely to be interested in her 2.25 acre permaculture property ‘Birrith Birrith’, possibly a group looking for land to set up an intentional community. She really doesn’t want the property turned into lots of little boxes with no food gardens, but at 65 she is finding it all too much for one person to manage.

Ideal for Two Or Three Families To Share

The block is really ready for two or three families (or more) to move in and ‘get on with it’. You can check it out on the Holmgren website or on Maureen’s Facebook page.

Maureen has tried to find people to move in with her …

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Brain Plasticity, Brain Glasses: A New Approach To Brain Injury

Unfortunately, brain injury is common. Over 700,000 Australians live with ‘activity limitations’ as a result. Research into brain plasticity is providing a new approach. Brain scans don’t always show the micro damage inside the neuron sheaths but using special ‘brain glasses’ can identify damaged/healthy brain tissue and with further specialist help the brain can ‘refigure’ itself.

Two Clinical Researchers Using Brain Plasticity Techniques

Dr Deborah Zelinsky – neurodevelopmental optometrist
Dr Donalee Markus – cognitive restructuring psychologist

The Mind Eye Connection

Deborah Zelinsky focusses on neuro-optic rehabilitation. She assesses what parts of the brain the eye is connected to and works to direct retina input to the brain through healthy tissue – a new route, like a dirt track that becomes …

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