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Klaus From Bowen Seeks A Travel Companion

We have received the following note from Klaus, in Bowen, (we presume Bowen in Queensland).

“Hello there

I am a 74 very fit male, living in Bowen.

Got a caravan and a 4 by 4.

Would love a female companion to travel with.

Can you help?”

Contact Klaus

You can contact Klaus for more info about travel preferences and plans by email: klskln@yahoo.com.au.

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Democracy? Ideology? Coalition Stance On The RET?

In this democracy of ours, clearly many of us think the RET is good. Recent PWF posts show that lots of people and community groups are doing something about a problem the world is facing. So, WHAT exactly is driving the Coalition to be so clearly against retaining the RET when it’s what people want?

Some Points To Ponder

(1) What is the state of our democracy today? The party room line of our major parties controls our elected representatives. Are MPs able to voice the opinions of their constituents and make a stand in spite of the financial and ideological drivers of the parties? Last year Cathy McGowan and the voters of Indi gave a resounding ‘No’ to this assumption.

(2) …

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Travel Companion For March 2015 Trip To Japan?

Maureen Bailey has contacted us about finding a travel companion for her upcoming trip to Japan. She writes:

“I am a senior female, non smoker, wishing to find similar to travel as a twin share. My original traveller’s circumstances changed.

To travel Sydney – Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific spending 5 nights there. Then travel to Tokyo spending 15 nights in Japan experiencing the best Japan has to offer. Tokyo 4 nights at 4 star hotels then on to Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and back to Sydney.

I have sourced all companies specialising in Japan and found JTB bu offer the best and most reasonable prices. They have been in business since 1923 and have a huge support network in Japan.

This is

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Successful Grey Nomad Encounter

It’s great to hear that Bev Mullins, who sought a fellow traveller with campervan through the PWF Grey Nomad posts, has found a new friend and the two are set to take off touring together.

Go girls!

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Emails Questioning Politicians’ Age Of Entitlement..

There are some interesting emails about politicians and the end of the ‘Age of Entitlement’ zooming around at the moment – can’t ascertain their origin, but they are food for thought and/or a good public conversation.

Email No 1

The first I received said:

“When Joe Hockey famously made the statement “the age of entitlement is over” he conveniently left out politicians..

This is a proposal from the Australian people to our politicians to send them a clear message – ‘the age of entitlement of politicians’ is also over. They are servants of the public and they need to be reminded that they are entitled to no more than the rest of us mere mortals when they leave office.

It is a

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