No sweat on this eight-day bike ride in a business suit

WHY would Stephen Gale wear a suit on such a ride? To show that even a suit wearer can ride an electric bicycle to work without excessive sweat or discomfort.

This Melbourne-based engineer is making the eight-day journey to show how riding an electrical bike to work can be an easy and sustainable mode of transport.

Australian adventurer/businessman, Dick Smith, is a fan…

“Stephen Gale has demonstrated that by challenging our conventional notions of transportation we can each dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Whether we are talking about an electric bike or an ethanol fuelled aircraft, we need to open our minds to all possibilities.”

Stephen is looking for riders from like-minded companies to join him on the ride and help his group, Suitable Transport (Suit-Able, get it?), communicate his message.

Ideally they would like a group of about 15 ‘suit-able’ adventurers willing to wear their environmentally caring companies’ uniforms – whatever they might be.

About the trip
– in summary

  • Departs Melbourne’s Fed Square Monday 16 April 2007
  • Arrives Sydney’s Martin Place 24 April 2007
  • Route – along the coast
  • Speed – 25-30km/hr
  • Distance per day – 130km/day maximum
  • You can share the ride between two riders, say Melbourne to Eden, Eden to Sydney
  • Launch event will feature Triple J DJs and music from the band ‘Bomba’.
  • Quite a bit of media attention already: brekky TV, radio programs, interviews by major newspapers and various magazines.
  • Leader newspaper group will run articles in the papers distributed in participating companies’ neighbourhoods
  • Cost: $1995 plus GST to cover all contingencies. The project is NOT a money-making concern – a lot of the costs will be covered by Stephen.

There’s a heap more info here.

Stephen is an ex RAAF electronic engineer who runs an electronic engineering consultancy. He is also doing research in the field of solar energy for his PhD.

We seem to be moving from the ‘what can I do about it?’ mindset to individual action ……driven by frustration at slow moving politicians?? Are our leaders getting the message?

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