There is a huge amount of interest in power-assisted electric bikes!

After reading Ray Fealy’s comments in ‘Electric bike ‘limits’…can we change the law?‘ Graham Bradshaw, EO of the Retail Cycle Traders Industry – the national association for specialist bicycle dealers – has been in touch with PWF to say the industry has been working for two and half years on this task.

It has been immensely complex – a change in one area has meant another change elsewhere etc etc. BUT in a few weeks – subject to a ‘final agreement’ – electric bike riders may be looking at a 300w limit in line with New Zealand, above the European and Japanese limits of 250w, but below the US and Canada. This will give Australians access to the better technology available, computer controlled for longer battery life ‘and so on…’

Apparently there are a number of levels of assistance, depending on the country setting the rules, and while the industry would like lots of power, the bureaucrats in some states are not in favor, and neither is the pedestrian lobby.

Graham will keep us informed of progress and is interested in any feedback you care to pass this way. You can reach him via, P: 03 9376 1255 F: 03 9012 4219 M: 0417 339 265.

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