The New Oxford American Dictionary has announced locavore as the 2007 Word of the Year. At PWF we continue to see interest in Melbourne’s new 100 Mile Cafe – The Community Cares…So The Hospitality Industry Responds.

It seems that around the world in 2007 there has been a trend in using locally grown ingredients, taking advantage of seasonally available foodstuffs that can be bought and prepared without the need for extra preservatives.

The ‘locavore’ movement encourages consumers to buy from farmers’ markets or even to grow or pick their own food, arguing that fresh, local products are more nutritious and taste better.

Locavores also shun supermarket offerings as an environmentally friendly measure, since shipping food over long distances often requires more fuel for transportation.

Ben Zimmer, editor for American dictionaries at Oxford University Press, says,

“The word ‘locavore’ shows how food-lovers can enjoy what they eat while still appreciating the impact they have on the environment…It’s significant in that it brings together eating and ecology in a new way.”

‘Locavore’ was coined two years ago by a group of four women in San Francisco who proposed that local residents should try to eat only food grown or produced within a 100-mile radius. Other regional movements have emerged since then, though some groups refer to themselves as’localvores’ rather than ‘locavores’.

Whatever the spelling- it’s a word to watch.

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