There was a social innovation Learning Festival in Melbourne in late February – based on a systemic approach not a ‘mechanistic mental model’ such as World Cafe and Open Space.

A Power Camp And A Love Camp..

In Adam Kahane’s recently published book ‘Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change (2010)’ he speaks of two opposed camps, the power camp and the love camp.

As individuals and as groups, Adam has observed, we all have the capacity for both the power approach of business and governments and the love approach by groups wanting to solve problems through connectedness, BUT, the question is, how do we get the two working TOGETHER on complex social problems?

Adam Kahane will be the facilitator for the Scenario Thinking Workshop: When Strategy And Planning Fail at the Learning Festival.

About The Conference

This is the first Learning Festival hosted in Australia.

The Reos Partners’ approach to tackling complex challenges is participatory, creative, systemic, and action-oriented. At the Learning Festival there will be opportunities to learn and explore through a range of experiences:

Case Studies: Explorations into social innovation projects that involve complex social change and transformation in Australia and in other areas around the world

Learning Streams: Capacity-building workshops that use tools, reflection, and the sharing of practice and experience in innovatively dealing with complex, ‘stuck’ social challenges and co-creating new relationships, insights, capacities, and initiatives.

Stream 1
Scenario Thinking – When Strategy and Planning Fail: The use of scenarios to stay ahead in a complex changing world
Facilitated by: Adam Kahane (Cambridge, MA)

Stream 2
The Change Lab – Creating Breakthrough Innovation: An innovative systems approach for tackling complex challenges, exploring new frontiers, and leading breakthrough
Facilitated by: Zaid Hassan (Oxford)

Stream 3
Social Sculpture – Transformation through Creativity: A creative, systemic way to address social problems through public participation
Facilitated by: Jeff Barnum (San Francisco)

Stream 4
Systems Thinking – Shifting from a Mechanistic to a Systems Approach: A way of working past existing boundaries to create opportunities for unlikely solutions
Facilitated by: Colleen Magner (Johannesberg)

About Open Space And World cafe

Open Space: An open format in which participants bring issues, questions, and insights from your own world that you would like to explore with others (e.g., innovation, education, early childhood development, sustainability)

World Café: A structured conversational methodology in which participants take part in a series of conversations around questions that matter. As people move from table to table, the collective intelligence of the group as a whole emerges and is captured through a report-out at the end.

COULD we get these two camps communicating..collaborating?

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