Josephine, currently living in Perth, WA, has contacted us saying she is looking for a travelling companion as she is on her own and does not feel comfortable travelling on her own.

About Josephine And Her Travel Ideas

“I grew up in Melbourne and miss the East Coast very much and would like to look for a new abode on that side of the country, I love the idea, however I do not have a vehicle to travel in as I own a sedan. Plus as I said I would like a travel companion.

I would like to scour the North East Victoria, NSW Coastline up to Queensland. Meandering really for between 3 – 6 months.

I would like to take the journey around the beginning/end of May as I do not want to settle anywhere too cold or in an area which may be prone to flooding.

Who am I? Well I guess most people would think I am eccentric or isiosyncratic. I am a happy go luck person most of the time, very spontaneous, prefer to be with easy going person, not a chatterbox need my own space. Not interested in any sort of sexual contact. Just a rollicking easygoing trip. Willing to share expenses. Simply putting myself out there to see if anyone may be like minded.

I am 66 young not old. I am a fitness instructor/Aqua Instructor/Allied Health Assistant, got crippled a couple of years ago, on the surgeons table. so have not worked full time since. However I can get around without aides, no mountain climbing for me though!!

Love to hear from another adventurous person. I can be contacted on 08 92454542 or or this website.”

Have a lovely trip!

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