Michael Short, editor of The Zone, has profiled Braeden Lord of Aussie Farmers Direct, a businessman supporting Australian farmers and manufacturers, who now supplies – free of charge – 130,000 households in direct competition with Coles and Woolies. Michael writes:

“The misuse of market power is illegal. Supermarket suppliers have been reticent about criticising Coles and Woolworths for fear of retribution. But Sims [ACCC] is guaranteeing confidentiality this time, and says he has collected consistent and credible allegations of behaviour that, if proven, would transgress laws designed to prevent unconscionable conduct and misuse of market power.”

A Bit About Aussie Farmers Direct

As a guest of Michael Short in The Zone Braeden Lord tells how eight years ago he founded a business based on the idea of resurrecting the milkman.

Through a network of franchisees, the company delivers a wide range of fresh produce directly to the front door – in a cooler bag – saving the average customer about an hour a week spent in supermarket aisles.

The business is also based on backing Australian farmers and manufacturers and rural communities.

“We started with this underlying principle and philosophy around supporting the Australian farmer, and making a stronger connection between the farm and the urban household and the front doorstep by cutting out the middlemen and looking at the most expedient and efficient way to take great quality Australian produce and deliver it to people’s front doorsteps”.

Check out the short video and full article here.

FYI: Back in April 2007 PWF wrote about Aussie Farmers Direct starting up and relocalisation.

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