Battery storage held back by ignorance of regulators, ministers

The Claims

“Australian energy ministers and regulators are simply unaware that the technology has been deployed at scale around the world, and simply don’t appreciate what the technology can do to support the energy transition…

Regulators have been slow to change rules that favour fossil fuel generators and disadvantage their technology. Lyon Solar, which hopes to have 350MWh of battery storage in the South Australia market by the end of next financial year, told the inquiry that Australian authorities simply did not understand the potential of battery storage.

Australia is still quite naive about batteries…

Despite its adoption of rooftop solar in great quantities, and the high levels of renewable energy in South Australia, has been slow out of the blocks on ‘smart technology’ such as battery storage, demand management and energy efficiency.

Energy experts blame this on the fact that the fossil fuel industry…has the ear of regulators and politicians…locked in 20th century technologies…either not aware of new products, or (with) a vested interested in keeping it quiet.”

QUESTION: Can authorities rebut the allegation of ignorance and not doing their best by Australia?

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