Pigs Will Fly is a comprehensive Australia-wide network for business and community workers. It is an independent, self-funded, self-help website that provides an e-bulletin, small business, tourism and community information that we hope helps concerned Australians balance the ‘sustainability quadruple bottom line’ of socio-cultural, economic, environmental and governance elements that we deal with on a daily basis.

Who’s it for?

  • small business owners
  • event coordinators
  • indigenous community leaders
  • training & development officers
  • enviro & heritage officers
  • sport & rec officers
  • neighbourhood house coordinators
  • volunteers


Pigs Will Fly has its roots in the Australian ‘can do’ spirit. It comes naturally to help a mate and learn from the success of others. At the grassroots level small businesspeople, volunteers and government officers share the same goal. Both public and private sectors want to see sustainable development in their community – profitable businesses and employment opportunities while at the same time caring for the social, environmental and cultural things that make life worth living.

Founder & Editor

Gail and TomGail Plowman is an ex Melbourne French teacher who in the late 80s, with husband Ian and their three sons, moved to Sale in country Victoria, to build the Marina Hotel at Loch Sport on the Gippsland Lakes. They went for one year, stayed for ten, and the boys, now young men, all identify as ‘country kids’ – loved the community spirit, country living and the grassroots enthusiasm and creativity!

Reluctant to leave Gail moved back into Kangaroo Ground on the outskirts of Melbourne and now lives in inner city Carlton. Through the Loch Sport business and country tourism association promotional efforts, it was a natural progression to become involved in grassroots community and tourism development, helping to set up the Loch Sport Community House and a ‘local rag’ “The Loch Sport Link” along the way.

After 10 years in the country Gail ended up teaching at La Trobe Uni, back in Melbourne, while doing research for a Master’s degree in Tourism Planning. This meant working closely with Local Government and local communities trying to work out how, together, the public and private sectors could achieve more for all the effort everyone puts in. Thus pigswillfly.com.au was born.

A wide range of friends and colleagues continue to contribute and act as a sounding board for the PWF project.

The Crew

Art director, Stefanie Carnevale directed our marketing operations from early 2004 till 2007. here in Melbourne sh was a much sought-after multi-media consultant, exhibiting artist and Mum to two year old Vincent. She has now moved to Queensland to be close to family.

Web developer, Andrew Macdermid has successfully guided Pigs Will Fly into the blogosphere. A strong supporter of the Pigs Will Fly philosophy, Andrew is a successful web consultant, new Dad to little Daniel and creator of Club Deck, personalised junior sports cards, that ‘make a club your club’, ensuring memories of your season and your team mates are preserved forever.

Glenn Peters, a freelance copywriter and creator of one of Australia’s first blogs, The Nightwatchman, was with us for a while but is now pursuing his own goals. Glenn co-created World Vision’s youth brand ‘Stir’ – good luck with that copywriting career Glenn.

Juliet Morris of Beechworth Photographers now provides us with stunning graphic community profiles. Jules has a great love of the outdoors. She is a paddler, mountain bike rider, climber, a builder’s labourer, while she and her husband built their 6 star environmental house at historic Beechworth in Victoria’s north-east. More recently she is a mum to baby Anouk.

Karen Throssell, Coordinator of the Warrandyte Neighbourhood House (Vic) and daughter Briony are a great moral support and compiled our fortnightly Jobs List while we did that! Karen is a writer and poet and, as Neighbourhood House Coordinator, she is keen to support the ‘Warrandyte Climate Action Now’ group just starting up as well as the Green Map Community project.

Thank-you to all who helped get PWF off the ground!


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