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Natural Disaster Mitigation – To Save Taxpayers Billions?

“An open-source platform that provides access to information about disasters such as floods and bushfires could help yield savings of $500 million to $2.4 billion alone.” The Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience & Safer Communities.

About The Roundtable’s

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Smart ‘Everything’. Utilities Connecting, Saving $s, Emissions

Dr. Thomas Kiessling is Chief Product and Innovation Officer (CPIO) at Deutsche Telekom. He makes the following insightful observations about life in inner cities now and into the future:

Technolgical Innovation Not Just Austerity Measures Imperative

As the 3.5 billion+ …

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Tackling Rhino Poaching – A Realistic Female Approach

The Guardian has reported a fascinating piece of realistic communication strategy from Melbourne businesswoman, Lyn Johnson, who wants to stop the multimillion-dollar business of importing rhino horn into Vietnam. 100g of rhino horn can fetch $6000, dearer than gold.

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Energy Storage: New York MTA, Towoomba Airport…

RenewEconomy has a special edition on Energy Storage and tells us that NYC transit authority has installed a huge on-site energy storage system as part of an effort to cut its energy consumption by ‘increasing its smarts and shaving

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How Re-Introducing Wolves Changed An Entire Ecosystem

This video about the 1995 re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming in the US, after nearly 70 years, is the most amazing story.

What Happened?

Prolific deer grazing had affected the vegetation of the valleys and the riverflats in …

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