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How Re-Introducing Wolves Changed An Entire Ecosystem

This video about the 1995 re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming in the US, after nearly 70 years, is the most amazing story.

What Happened?

Prolific deer grazing had affected the vegetation of the valleys and the riverflats in …

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Community Energy Conference – Canberra 16-17 June 2014

Since the election last year the Coalition for Community Energy has been working to put community energy on the policy agenda with the new Ministers.

Community Energy Is Catching On

Right across Australia local communities are working hard to …

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The Ideas Nest: Food, Collaboration, Sustainability Today

Check out The Ideas Nest – a new collaborative effort that is

“a collective of organisations dedicated to educating individuals on how small, positive lifestyle changes contribute to a sustainable future both for ourselves and for our environment”.

The Ideas …

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Community Sustainability Effort That Won UN Award

After having lived in Gippsland for 10 years and knowing the small timber town of Heyfield quite well, I was delighted to hear about its remarkable community-based environmental flag system that heaps in the community embraced – young and

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‘Fluffy’ Labelling, Sustainable Forestry, And Jobs in Victoria

A few days ago I came across three young women touching up an enormous banner in an inner Melbourne park. It was a sign to be photographed from the air in the Toolangi State Forest, northeast of Melbourne, home to

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