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The ‘Air Car’ – Imagine Fuelling Up With Compressed Air?

I was amazed when I first heard about a ‘compressed air car‘, designed by an ex-Formula one engineer/environmentalist, and being developed by his company MDI in France, as well as by the large Indian carmaker, Tata Motors.

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Help Solar Citizens Skywrite A Message To Canberra?

The Solar Citizens organisation is planning a huge message in the sky over Parliament House, Canberra, on Wednesday (August 27). As I write they are about $1000.00 short of their $14,000 target. They say:

“Tony Abbott and the government are

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A Green Electricity Guide: Courtesy of Greenpeace

A friend just emailed me the Greenpeace link to a Green Electricity Guide plus some info our electricity suppliers. Greenpeace asks:

Is There Confusion About Where Our Power Comes From?

“Electricity companies spend millions of dollars advertising a ‘clean and green’

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Solar Thermal, Desalination, Veggies & Jobs At Port Augusta

RenewEconomy reports on Australia’s largest solar power tower plus a desalination plant at Port Augusta, approved recently for Sundrop Farms, a commercial greenhouse business which already uses solar power and seawater to grow vegetables. The project will total 20

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Climate Change, Lack Of Leadership, And A Monster Petition

The Victorian suffragettes of 1891 pressed for voting rights in a ‘Monster Petition’ and today the Victorian Women’s Trust is providing another Monster Petition so Australians can indicate their concern about

‘the almost total lack of national leadership on

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