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A Green Electricity Guide: Courtesy of Greenpeace

A friend just emailed me the Greenpeace link to a Green Electricity Guide plus some info our electricity suppliers. Greenpeace asks:

Is There Confusion About Where Our Power Comes From?

“Electricity companies spend millions of dollars advertising a ‘clean and green’

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Solar Thermal, Desalination, Veggies & Jobs At Port Augusta

RenewEconomy reports on Australia’s largest solar power tower plus a desalination plant at Port Augusta, approved recently for Sundrop Farms, a commercial greenhouse business which already uses solar power and seawater to grow vegetables. The project will total 20

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Climate Change, Lack Of Leadership, And A Monster Petition

The Victorian suffragettes of 1891 pressed for voting rights in a ‘Monster Petition’ and today the Victorian Women’s Trust is providing another Monster Petition so Australians can indicate their concern about

‘the almost total lack of national leadership on

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Awakening The Dreamer Symposium: Croydon Vic. 24 August

Jane Monk is a Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator for the ‘Awakening the Dreamer Symposium’ which is now being offered in over 60 countries. The next symposium in Melbourne is 24 August (2.30pm to 6pm) at the Croydon Library. It’s

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Natural Disaster Mitigation – To Save Taxpayers Billions?

“An open-source platform that provides access to information about disasters such as floods and bushfires could help yield savings of $500 million to $2.4 billion alone.” The Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience & Safer Communities.

About The Roundtable’s

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