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Indefinite Detention: WHAT Is Being Done In Our Name?

Offshore/indefinite detention is about politics. It is a cynical political bipartisan ploy. In the name of the taxpayers, who fund the very expensive offshore detention process, the policy claims a shaky moral high ground. BUT, does preventing drownings justify inhumane

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Policy Focus Wrong. Enough For ALL Public Housing Needs!

“[Today] the challenge is to address the disconnect between supply and occupancy. When there are three times as many empty houses as there are homeless people, we know the policy focus is just wrong. Government must do more than create

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Kids In Detention – Apalling – Politicians, Get Real!

This morning we hear that OUR Government – on OUR behalf – is transferring 72 asylum seeker kids back to Nauru, despite so many recent reports stating that the conditions there do not meet basic human rights standards.

It …

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2016 Anomaly: Employers Hiring But Job Seekers Despondent

A new report ‘Amplifying Human Potential: Education and Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ has been picked up today by The Age. Based on a survey of 9000 young people in the US, Britain, Germany, France, India, …

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NZ Reforms A Guide For Australia? 10 Measurable Goals For Better Public Services

There is speculation that PM Turnbull is interested in following New Zealand social security and welfare reforms to get better results for government expenditure. Economist David Crowe foresees resistance in Australia to similar reforms, from Labor and

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