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Broken Democracy? Wrong Method? What Can WE Do?

Q and A comments last night on how insignificant are our tax reform gripes when we look at the truly horrific devastation of everyday lives elsewhere in the world, made me wonder if we are not using the wrong method

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Maryborough Community In A ‘Dialogue To Change’

‘What does it take to make democracy work?’ What has happened to the civic organisations where citizens could once go to address shared challenges? Do civic organisations know HOW to work with citizens today?

The US Kettering Foundation is …

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One Size Does NOT Fit All Indigenous Communities

I recently visited several Indigenous communities in WA’s remote Fitzroy Valley and was impressed by a new network’s comprehensive understanding, sensitivity and sheer determination to create a better ‘now’ for First Australians.

With the ongoing stories of schools right around Australia …

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Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough – Results-Based Accountability

After writing about weasel words, engagement, collaboration etc as well as how governments get feedback from rate/taxpayers I see there is to be a workshop in Results-Based Accountability (RBA), run here in Vic by Community Indicators Victoria.

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How SHOULD Governments Get People To Give Feedback?

In his latest Circular Mark Brophy from Dialogue To Change passed on this gem from Craig Thomler, who writes up his eGovernment and Government 2.0 thoughts online.

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