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Research Drives 40-55% Nation’s Wealth BUT Young Scientists Are Leaving

Thinking Australians are very concerned about short term thinking and the future we are creating for our grandkids. The ABC’s Science Show presenter, Robin Williams, commented passionately this morning when discussing a contest to identify our top five

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Jobs, LOCAL Workers & A 10 Year Commitment To Indigenous Employment

In February 2015 there is ongoing discussion and concern over what seems to be rorting of 457 and 417 visas, the cost and problems associated with Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) workforces and the actual number of jobs available across Australia. It

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Our Pollies And We, The Voters, Need To Start Communicating

With the government/voter turbulence we are experiencing, and several thoughtful, often insightful analyses, maybe we are finally starting to have the conversation we need to have about Australia’s future and the unpalatable reform that must come from ONE of our

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OUR Role In Supporting Free Speech, Tackling Muslim Extremism?

A few days ago Amanda Vanstone wrote a piece in The Age which I’m sure most thinking Australians would agree with:

“Whilst marching around holding “je suis Charlie” cards does express solidarity with lovers of free speech, it does

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Exceeding Our Budget And Subsidising Fossil Fuel Exploration

We know we are spending more than we are earning, that we have a problem that is not going away. New areas for cuts are being investigated but not our fossil fuel subsidies. There is little discussion about this…why??


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