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Emails Questioning Politicians’ Age Of Entitlement..

There are some interesting emails about politicians and the end of the ‘Age of Entitlement’ zooming around at the moment – can’t ascertain their origin, but they are food for thought and/or a good public conversation.

Email No 1

The first I …

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Footy Club’s Award Winning Huddle For Students

The Huddle is the North Melbourne Football Club engaging and giving back to its community. Since 2010 in the wider North Melbourne community there has been an amazing combination of love of sport and direction/support in study, for students from

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Help Solar Citizens Skywrite A Message To Canberra?

The Solar Citizens organisation is planning a huge message in the sky over Parliament House, Canberra, on Wednesday (August 27). As I write they are about $1000.00 short of their $14,000 target. They say:

“Tony Abbott and the government are

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CORENA: Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia

Australians are a ‘can do’ people, especially it seems when it comes to doing something about energy. CORENA – Citizens’ Own Renewable Energy Network Australia – is but one example.

What Beechworth Montessori School In Victoria’s North-east Is Doing

After …

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A Green Electricity Guide: Courtesy of Greenpeace

A friend just emailed me the Greenpeace link to a Green Electricity Guide plus some info our electricity suppliers. Greenpeace asks:

Is There Confusion About Where Our Power Comes From?

“Electricity companies spend millions of dollars advertising a ‘clean and green’

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