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This Farm Needs A Farmer…Community Project Kyneton Vic

‘This Farm Needs A Farmer’ is a fledgling community project getting off the ground in central Victoria. It brings together tree-changers with little or no on-farm experience and retired farmers who appreciate the friendship that grows as well the pleasure in being able to share their knowledge and really help out!

Melissa Connor Is The Force Behind The Project

Melissa is a tree-changer who has been on her Kyneton property with her family for four years. After she and retired farmer 78 year old Noel Jenner realised just how beneficial and enjoyable the helping/sharing experience actually is, Melissa has taken on developing the idea, with a view to taking it to other rural communities and possibly overseas.

Support For The Project

The project has …

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Opportunity To Buy Into A Co-Living Property In Sydney

Debbie Petlueng has contacted PWF about an opportunity to buy into a modern, co-living space in Erskineville, inner west Sydney. This three level terrace, currently shared by three mature women, has operated successfully for three years but one owner is moving to New Zealand and wishes to sell her share.

Some Details

Debbie explains:

  • The property is located in Erskineville Inner West Sydney. Purchased in 2013, for three years it has operated as a co-living space for three mature women. Either a couple or a single person would be welcome to share the space.
  • The building is a modern three-level terrace house with two living areas and rear garden and is very close to public transport.
  • The share on offer includes a

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Why DON’T Policymakers LISTEN To Aboriginal Advice?

“Take an Aboriginal-designed program and allow Aboriginal people to deliver it to their people. They know what is needed. Work alongside Government but let us drive it!”

We have heard this advice time and time again….but it NEVER happens!

Yes, this decades-long, unheeded advice was passed on AGAIN (!!!) this morning on Radio National by Mervyn Eades, the founder of the SUCCESSFUL Perth-based Ngalla Maya, a Non-Profit that is reintegrating Aboriginal offenders into society, helping with targeted training for jobs, and stopping re-entry into the detention system.

WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY are our well-educated, well-paid pollies and bureaucrats INCAPABLE of LISTENING, allowing our First Australians to go on suffering poverty, ill-health and incarceration while at the same time allowing …

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Policies That Face Reality? A Coherent Vision For Our Future?

“At the core of a robust democracy is the integrity and transparency of its institutions.

Elections do not a democracy make, but they are a fundamental institution that we disrespect at our peril. It is incumbent upon us to demand policies which face up to reality, and to demand a coherent vision for our future.” Catherine Livingstone – president of the Business Council of Australia.

Catherine Livingstone’s words here, coming at the end of an election campaign where rapid-fire, partisan rhetoric has often sounded like gobblydegook rather than a sincere attempt to communicate with voters about our future, express for me how we are ALL failing to address contemporary problems and our kids’ and grandkids’ future.

Tellingly Catherine also says:

“We need

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Participatory Democracy, Transition Towns And ‘The Major Parties’

Around 10 years ago, people who care about their grandkids’ Australia, started collaborating locally so towns would become sustainable and resilient – re-localising and transition towns were the terms used. Many Australian towns have joined the transition network and Yackandandah, in NE Victoria, has set up Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY) a 2016 version of a transition town it seems.

Top Down Or Bottom Up? Participatory or Partisan?

PWF has been interested in the transition movement since hearing about:

1. Jill Jordan and the Sunshine Coast’s Sustainable Maleny Project in 2008. (Remember their fight against the Woolies Supermarket?) Entrepreneurial Jill and her friends set up a credit union co-op in the 80s and set the scene

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